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Infinity Concentrate

(Ritual from Kyoto, Japan)

Infinity Concentrate



“Acts on cellular stress for a redefined facial contour, denser and more comfortable skin”

4 Patented Active Ingredient

At the heart of the formula for INFINITY Concentrate you will find Precious Camellia Oil from the Island of Jeju, used in the favorite skincare ritual of Japanese women. This oil is known for its anti-aging properties and repairing effect on the cutaneous barrier.

Cinq Mondes Laboratories have combined this precious oil with Phyto-Density Complex, a tailored complex that controls and inhibits the harmful impact of cellular stress with an effect on 3 key factors: existing wrinkles, skin quality (density, volume, touch) and sagging facial contours.

Perfume-free and enriched in Uvaxaine, new generation UV protection, and Avena Sativa, skin tensor obtained from a fraction of Organic Oats, it has an immediate and lasting smoothing effect on the eye and lip contour, restoring density and comfort.


Visible results in just 28 days:

+26% firmness*
– 22% wrinkles and fine lines**

* Assessment obtained from dermatological scores for Infinity Concentrate on 23 volunteers
** Self-assessment of Infinity Concentrate by 23 volunteers