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Infinity Balm

(Ritual from Kyoto, Japan)

Infinity Balm



“A redefined facial contour, intensely repaired skin”

1 Patented Active Ingredient

At the heart of the formula for INFINITY Balm you will find Precious Camellia Oil from the Island of Jeju, known for its anti-aging properties and repairing effect on the cutaneous barrier, and used by Japanese women in their favorite skincare ritual.

Cinq Mondes Laboratories has combined this precious oil with a patented Commipheroline Extract that acts on sagging features and the facial contour.

Additionally enriched with Beeswax, Infinity Balm provides intensive repair to skin most lacking in nourishment.

Apply this oleo-balm as an SOS treatment using small gentle touches to the areas requiring comfort and intensive repair, or over the whole face in the morning and/or evening for a deep restructuring and regenerating effect.

84% of women found that their skin felt more comfortable*
+20% redefined facial contour**

*Self-assessment by 19 volunteers in an independent laboratory after just 7 days
** Self-assessment by 25 volunteers in an independent laboratory after just 28 days