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Égyptienne® Limited

(Luxor’s Ritual, Egypt)

Égyptienne® Limited



Eau Égyptienne® Limited Edition 150 ML (5.1 FL OZ)

“Let yourself be swept away by the first perfume creation from Ancient Egypt, alleviating tensions of the body and mind”

To reinvent the Kyphi fragrance, a therapeutic potion created for the first Pharaoh-Queen Hatshepsut, Cinq Mondes called in the perfume designer Olivia Giacobetti. This contemporary version gave birth to Eau Egyptienne® a body mist seamlessly blending Lotus Flower extract, with its emollient properties, with 10 essential oils with known and proven benefits (Cumin, Rose, Mint, Frankincense, Myrrh, Mastic, Jasmine…).

According to Plutarch, this potion had the power to “relieve daily tensions and brighten the mind”.