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Eau Du Brésil

(Ritual from Bahia, Brazil)

Eau Du Brésil



« Bathe in a revitalizing cascade of coconut water and lime »

Brazilians would bathe under waterfalls in the heart of the Amazon forest to commune with the refreshing and purifying power of water, using the moment for spiritual renewal and regeneration through the remarkable therapeutic potential of nature.

With the refreshing and revitalizing power of Eau du Brésil, Cinq Mondes’ new fresh aromatic spray you, too, can enjoy Banho the ancestral tradition of Brazilian bathing.

Created by renowned perfumer, Olivia Giacobetti, Eau du Brésil is “a harmonious match of fresh lime pulp and white wood softened with coconut water”.

The fragrance of this original composition will take you on a wonderful sensorial journey “like a shower surrounded by nature”.