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Coffee Cream

(Bahia’s Ritual, Brazil)

Coffee Cream



“Firming and smoothing cream that boosts adipose cellulite reduction, fat elimination and lymphatic drainage of toxins”

1 Patented Active Ingredient

Inspired by the traditions from Brazil, where the women revere the perfection of their bodies, Cinq Mondes Laboratories have developed Slimming Coffee Cream®, a remarkable ally that firms the skin and fights against adipose cellulite. Regular massages with Slimming Coffee Cream activate micro-circulation and favor the elimination of fatty cellulite. The silhouette looks slimmer and skin firmer.

Slimming Coffee Cream® contains a unique combination of a patented active ingredient and other highly-effective ingredients:

– Patented active ingredient based on Glaucine to reduce skin dimpling and increase firmness.

– Caffeine in a Cyclo System (encapsulated) to stimulate lipolysis.
– Green Coffee to detoxify the skin and improve lymphatic drainage.
– Kola Nut to stimulate microcirculation.

In just 4 weeks:
Significantly improves skin firmness and elasticity*
Reduces the appearance of cellulite by 33%**
* Instrumental measurement on 21 volunteers after application on a twice daily basis.
** Clinical scoring results of pinched cellulite by a dermatologist following the twice daily application of Slimming Coffee Cream® by 18 volunteers.