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Beauty Rituals Collection

(Bali's Ritual, Indonesia)

Beauty Rituals Collection



Beauty Rituals Of The World Collection

“Take the best Beauty Rituals of the World with you, wherever you go!”

Bali, India, Siam, China,… Set off on a voyage to discover time-honored beauty recipes with this collection of 5 best-selling face and body products. Travel-size products in a handy, ready-to-go kit that fits perfectly into your bag!

>1st journey to Bali, Indonesia – discover the beauty secrets of Balinese princesses that will leave your skin looking radiant….
Five Flowers Micellar Cleansing Water (25mL), make-up remover and cleanser for the eyes and face
Seeds & Flowers Exfoliant (20mL) , refines skin texture and brightens the complexion

>2nd journey to Beijing, China – adopt the beauty rituals used by Chinese women to preserve the youthfulness of their skin…
7 Chinese Plants Ointment of Youth for normal skin (15mL), intense moisturizer that prevents early wrinkles

>3rd journey to the Kingdom of Siam – transform your shower experience with the exotic scents of Thailand …
Papaya purée (30mL), gently exfoliates the skin for enhanced radiance every day

>4th journey to Bangalore, India – enjoy the beneficial effects of traditional Indian plants …
Three Ayurvedic Oils Body Balm (30mL), moisturizes, nourishes and softens the skin