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7 Chinese Eye Ointment

(Ritual of Beijing, China)

7 Chinese Eye Ointment



7 Chinese Plants Eye Contour Ointment

“A remarkable 3 in 1 concentration of active ingredients to act on eye contour dehydration lines, puffiness and dark shadows”

2 Patented Active Ingredients

Inspired by Wu Zetian Beauty Rituals and the Traditional Chinese Pharmacopoeia, Cinq Mondes Laboratories have developed the 7 Chinese Plants Eye Contour Ointment. It contains:
– 7 Chinese plants
– Imperata Cylindrica – patented active ingredient
– Avena Sativa® – patented active ingredient
– Caffeine and Natural Mother-of-Pearl

Proven results after 56 days’ use:
28% reduction in puffiness
26% reduction in dark circles
21% reduction in lines
Fragrance Free
Alcohol Free
Tested under ophthalmological control
** efficacy test on crow’s feet, eye puffiness and dark shadows carried out on 23 people by an independent laboratory