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3 Min Peeling Mask

(Bali's Ritual, Indonesia)

3 Min Peeling Mask



3 Minute Phyto Peeling Gel Mask

“3 minutes for deep exfoliation, youthful skin and a radiant complexion!”

1 Patented Active Ingredient

The 3-Minute Phyto-Peeling Gel Mask is a fresh, deep-peel mask with a fluid and smooth texture that provides an effective, deep-action exfoliation in just 3 minutes. Thanks to its cocktail of Natural Fruit Acids (AHAs) – Glycolic Acid, Kombuchka® and Avena Sativa® – wrinkles and fine lines are reduced, skin renewal is optimized and the complexion is radiant.

For optimal results combine the Phyto-Peeling Gel Mask with the Phyto-Peeling Lotion.

Proven results From the very first application:
86%* of women taking part in the survey noticed improved complexion radiance, smoother skin texture and tighter pores.
*Percentage satisfaction achieved by independent laboratory testing involving 21 women